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Bishop Joseph & Rev. Catherine Kalema
Reverend Bishop Joseph Kalema is the Founder/Visionary of Pentecost Restoration Ministries Int'l. He is a dedicated Pastor, spiritual father, husband, and father. He is married to Mrs. Catherine Kalema. They are serving God together in ministry and are blessed with five children.
Reverend Kalema was born of Catholic parents and, at the age of five, he was called to serve God as a Prophet and Apostle to the Nations. He started his life in Ministry while in a Catholic Monastery. Upon completion of Minor Seminary, he served as a Junior Priest while waiting to go to Major Seminary to be a full priest. It was at this time that Jesus Christ saved him.
Reverend Kalema has served as a Social Worker in the Government of Uganda, the African Foundation (Non - Governmental Organization in Uganda). He has also served as a National Evangelist, Youth Pastor, and as a Purchasing and Clearing Officer for over 600 churches of the United Pentecostal Churches International in Uganda.
Throughout his calling, Reverend Kalema has remained true and faithful in taking God's Message to the Nations. He believes in preparing individuals for integral leadership roles within the Body of Christ, by empowering individuals to activate their fullest potential towards realizing their prophetic destiny. These he does through conducting crusades, leadership and workers seminars, Family of Excellence Conferences, and Prophetic and Intercessory Conferences -- to name a few.
Bishop Kalema is the Executive Pastor of Dominion Assembly located in Nairobi City, Kenya. He ministers with a vision as he preaches and teaches with a father’s touch and stirring faith in the believer and unbeliever. Bishop Joseph Kalema has been commissioned by God to take God's Message around the world for restoration of broken foundations in the body of Christ; restoration of the Pentecost experience; and the original intention of God for His people.
The call of God upon his life has taken Bishop Kalema through various nations in Africa, the United States, Canada, Middle East and Europe, ministering healing to the sick, deliverance to the oppressed, and giving encouragement to those seeking Christ. Through him, God has been manifesting Himself through demonstration of His healing and miracle-working power.
Bishop Kalema is committed to passing the anointing upon his life to many nationals, restoring prophetic intercession in the Body of Christ in these last days, and winning lost souls to Christ.
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