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His Word...
 Chief Apostle DT Hines

"Get on your face and cover your head! I say again, get on your face and cover your head! I have strategically promoted transition in your lives individually, resulting in a corporate Kingdom Shift. I must release to you this instruction as the efficiency of the Kingdom Shift is sluggish at best. You do not have the luxury of time. There are two parts to this prophetic instruction I am calling you to get on your face… get in a place where I can guide you through this transition. There are some things occurring in this transition that will become a distraction for you if you are not hidden in me. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. You must get on your face so I can cast my shadow upon you. I am transitioning you… I am shifting you… and you must completely trust me to place you in the territory I have assigned you and anointed you for. Stop trying to see how its going to happen… stop trying to assist in the transition and trust me emphatically! You don’t need to have all the details. What I am shielding from your knowledge would only hinder you if you knew. Get on your face… Get in me… I will keep you out of harms way… off the radar of the enemy. Do you realize how strategic you are to the Kingdom Shift? I have hand selected you for the place you will arrive!!! Get on your face… Cover your head… there are devices that are assigned to destroy your head. The enemy has released in the atmosphere debris that will take out your head. Cover your head… and not just your head as an individual, but your spiritual covering…that head. Satan has targeted the leadership in this season of transition. Just as you are being shifted and transitioned, I and shifting and transitioning the heads as well. These transitioning heads are more vulnerable to foreign object damage during the transition. I am shifting leaders into new territory so that you will have a covering when you arrive… Cover you head!! Leaders cover your heads as well… stop injuring other leaders as it is only proving to continue to ail you. Create alliances with one another so the body can see a unified head… unified leadership. I have entrusted you as leaders and you cannot keep inflicting wounds on yourself or on the body. Function in the area I have called you to… and function well to ensure the full transition of the full body. Get on your face and cover your head… I am shifting and transitioning you. I am the Lord Your God."

Sunday Worship
"Listen... I Changed My Mind! I Can't Stay Here!
Romans 12:1-2
     "Your mind wants to hold you captive to a place that you are not designed for. You are not designed for you past, but your future. More importantly, your future in Christ. Instead of seeking out the strength of our destiny,  we often find ourselves held captive to the though processes of our mind. God has made a way to escape the captivity that Satan so hevily relies on.
The Apostle Paul emphatically states that we are to ecperience transformation by the constant renewing of our mind. We must take into consideration the fact that we must be willing to contatantly be learning and abounding in the work of the Lord. The only way we can do this is by ensuring that our minds are being washed by the Word of God and our lives maninfest the application of the knowledge we gain. Do not hold yourself to your past and don't let anyone else either. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of the Lord. Change your mind about where you find yourself. Find the place in God that he has been calling you to!

Chief Apostle DT Hines
Sunday Worship
"I've Been Exonerated!
John 8:32; Romans 6:22
 "As our nation celebrates it's freedom and independence, it is sad to realize that there are many, even within the Body of Christ, that remain in bondage. What is even worse is that many remain in bondage to things that the Son has freed us from. There is no need for us to remain shackled and bound to  issues that our Savior has already bled and died for."
"Often times we forget that the power is not associated with the death of our Savior alone. His resurrection is what sets apart His experience from any other. No... there was no CPR involved or a state of the art Emergency Room that made resurrection possible. It was the power of God."
"Yes. When we reflect over our lives we see where we may have stumbled and fell or where we have made some bad decisions but with true repentance come true forgiveness! We must realize that when we accept Christ, we must accept the freedom and liberty He brings to our lives. Many feel that a life in Christ is a life of restrictions and rules and regulations, when in reality is is a life that is full of freedom and ultimate liberty!"
"The word 'exonerated' means to be cleared of all charges and penalties. The honest truth is that we were all born guilty - full of sin and shame. But we have an Advocate with the Father who pleads our case for us. His life, death and resurrection is what brings us from the sentence of death to the gift of life. 

Yes... We will have to face the consequences of our actions and choices made, but our exoneration through Christ Jesus allows Him to turn what is meant for bad into good. Stop condemning yourself for what was.The "I AM" dictates who you are. Who you were is nothing more than a stepping stone to get you to arrive to who He has created and destined you to be. Get out of bondage... leave the prison and jail house behind. You have been EXONERATED!"

Chief Apostle DT Hines
Bible Study
"Trials and Tribulation Series"

     "One thing that we can all count on in this life is that we will face trials and tribulation. Saved or unsaved, believer or unbeliever, Jew or Greek, bond or free, we will all face amount and degree of adversity. John 16:33 tells us that in this world we will face troubles. But we can be of good cheer because Christ has overcome the world."
    "There are three main reasons as to why we face troubles. But none of us has to worry about the outcome as long as we acknowledge Christ as our head and follow His instructions."
  "Firstly, we will face adversity in this life simply because of the Adamic Curse. Simply because of the curse of sin and the fall of Adam and mankind as a whole, the once perfect world has been infiltrated with the stench and power of sin. And because Satan is the Prince of the Air, his authority reigns on this earth. We must come to the realization and remember that God has given us dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:26,27). And we must operate in that authority. Even though this curse causes us to all face tests and trials from time to time, we do not have to suffer the same demise as those who know not Christ. Our Savior not only saves our souls, but He walks with us through this journey of life to ensure our safe passage. Have we decided to trust Him to see us THROUGH even the most severe adversity?"
  "The second main reason is hard for many believers to accept! Many times we face trials and tribulations as a catalyst to our Sanctification process. We often times forget that the Lord has a divine plan for us. He has hand picked us to carry out specific plans for the furthering of His Kingdom. Are you fit for the Master's use? If we ask ourselves and are completely honest, we should be able to acknowledge that there remain areas in our lives that still need work. Sanctification is not speaking in tongue, shouting, dancing and laying on hands alone. Sanctification is a lifestyle that reflects the understanding that one has been set aside for a specific use by God. Because the honest evaluation of our innermost parts reveals areas that are in need or repair and renovation, trials and tribulations come, often times, to weed out these bad seeds so that we can be perfectly separated for the use of the Lord to further his Kingdom work. What a responsibility... And even more so, what an honor to be considered for His use."
  "Thirdly, we face life's trials because our faith is being tested by the Lord. You say, 'Pastor, why should God have to test our faith if it was enough to receive the gift of salvation?' This takes us back to the demotion and eviction of Lucifer and 1/3 of the angelic host from Heaven. Lucifer and these angels were living in utter perfection. There was no temptation to sin because sin did not exist here. Their thought to exalt themselves above the throne of God revealed their disloyalty to God. This breach of commitment expedited their immediate removal from God's presence for all eternity. When Adam and Eve were created, they too were created as perfect beings, living in a perfect world. They greatest challenge was to abide by the one request God gave them... not to partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Their inability to fulfill this command through the sin of disobedience brought sin into this world.

 Look at us now! We are living in a far from perfect world! Thusly, the Lord will use trials and tribulations to gather us closer to Him through the testing of our faith. God does not play sadistic little games with us through our trials, instead He uses our adversity to cause us to trust Him more. And each time we trust Him, He sees us through, thereby increasing our faith in Him. If we never faced anything adverse, there would never be a need to exercise our faith in God. James 2:17 tells us this: 'Faith, having not works, is dead, being alone.' Trials and Tribulations that we face SHOULD cause our faith in God to get into action. This is what will cause our faith to grow and strengthen. As we sometimes struggle through this life, don't let the trial get you down, let them make you stronger.
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