City of Refuge Mission Family Worship Center - Chief Apostle and Presiding Prelate DT Hines

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
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City of Refuge Mission 
Family Worship Center
Located in the historic port city of Brunswick, GA, City of Refuge Mission Family Worship Center (CORMFWC) is positioned amid breath-taking, Victorian homes and well aged water oaks. Just as the towering trees raise their branches to the heavens, the Glory of the Lord descends in the midst of the people who are lifting praise and worship to Almighty God. CORMFWC is a warm and friendly church where the Spirit of God resides. Since its birth in 1983, God has fulfilled His promise to CORMFWC His abiding presence. Every time you the building, or even drive onto the property, you can sense the presence of God!
The Vision of City of Refuge Mission Family Worship Center has remained the driving force of our Ministry. We have been called and are a "Spiritual Hospital" for all people. Because God, whom we serve, is not respecter of persons, neither are we. Our doors are open to all people. We invite people of all backgrounds, races, strengths, weakness, etc. to come experience God in a life-changing way. We are a safe haven and provide refuge and renewed hope for people who are seeking something new! Can there be safety and in a world full of turmoil? Yes there can be - through Christ Jesus. CORMFWC is committed to the building up of both the individual and the family.
As you navigate through this site, may the presence of the Lord be felt. Please feel to through our "Contact Us" page or send us an email to or email your prayer requests to Check back with us often for new updates. There is much more to come!!!
Blessings to You
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